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Rebuilding editorial board- Mostly complete

Hello author(s),

IPA and its journals had completed nearly 5 years of service to the research society and we feel that this is the high time to revamp the editorial board, bring in fresh members, update inactive members, put more thrust on development.

Considering several factors in mind we had added, updated our editorial board which is available at Editorial Board page, we request our authors, researchers to support the growth of this journals in the future too.

Editorial Board,



A new Blog launched

We are launching a new blog site based on wordpress software with increased functionalities. We are not writing editorial in any of our sites or journals but we use blogs to convey the editorial message to our viewers and readers.

All authors are instructed to follow us through the blog to get updates about the journals.

We had also requested our editors and editorial board advisers to write articles in our blog, we are sure that from next month our blog will get more number of useful information.

In the last two months we had shuffled between many blog software’s and finally decided to go with the WordPress.com, we are currently working on various modifications and features in the blog.

Authors who want to share any information with our other authors can also use our blogs, just mail the content or post the blog post through your email.

Lets share the knowledge for the betterment of world.