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IJCSER Volume 2 Issue 3,2012 completed


VOLUME 2, NO 3 – 2012


1. Distribution of shear to the columns of short multistorey building frames subjected to lateral loads pp 699- 710 Code: EIJCSE3058

Author(s)- Manicka Selvam.V.K, Bindhu.K.R doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030001

2. Reinforced granular column for deep soil stabilization: A review pp 711- 721 Code: EIJCSE3059

Author(s)-Tandel Y.K, Solanki C.H, Desai A.K doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030002

3.Study on the physical and mechanical property of ordinary portland cement and fly ash paste pp 722- 727 Code: EIJCSE3060

Author(s)-Shaswata Mukherjee et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030003

4. Influence of host structure characteristics on response of rooftop telecommunication towers pp 728- 739 Code: EIJCSE3061

Author(s)- Nitin Bhosale et al.,doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030004

5. Effect of cement kiln dust on Geopolymer composition and its resistance to sulphate attack pp 740- 753 Code: EIJCSE3062

Author(s)- Hkhater.H.M doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030005

6. Comments on the understanding of the Virtual Work Method

pp 754- 765 Code: EIJCSE3063

Author(s)- Numayr S. K, Al Rjoub S. Y doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030006

7. Probabilistic Seismic Demand Models of PEER-PBEE framework for Pile and Deck Structures pp 766- 781 Code: EIJCSE3064

Author(s)- Amirabadi R et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030007

8. Effect of aggregate type on Compressive strength of concrete

pp 782- 791 Code: EIJCSE3065

Author(s)-Abdullahi. M doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030008

9.Damage detection in plate-like structures using High-Order mode shape derivatives pp 792- 807 Code: EIJCSE3066

Author(s)- Mohamed Abdel-Basset Abdodoi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030009

10. Experimental investigation and analytical modeling of reinforced Geopolymer concrete beam pp 808- 818 Code: EIJCSE3067

Author(s)- Uma.K et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030010

11. Assessment of reinforced embankment on soft soil with PET and PP Geotextile pp 819- 828 Code: EIJCSE3068

Author(s)- Jigisha M. Vashi et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030011

12. Experimental investigation and feasibility study on stabilized compacted earth block using local resources pp 829- 841 Code: EIJCSE3069

Author(s)- Kabiraj.K, Mandal.U.K doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030012

13. Performance assessment of low–rise confined masonry structures for Earthquake induced ground motions pp 842- 859 Code: EIJCSE3070

Author(s)- Ahmad, N et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030013

14. Comparison of design results of a Structure designed using STAAD and ETABS Software pp 860- 866 Code: EIJCSE3071

Author(s)- Prashanth.P et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030014

15. Durability aspect of fly ash concrete for pavements

pp 867- 874 Code: EIJCSE3072

Author(s)- Vanita Aggarwal et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030015

16. Plant characteristics, growth and leaf gel yield of Aloe barbadensis milleras affected by cyanopith biofertilizer in pot culture

pp 875- 883 Code: EIJCSE3073

Author(s)- Krishna Moorthy S, Malliga P doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030016

17. Effect of Silica Fume and Metakaolin combination on concrete

pp 884- 891 Code: EIJCSE3074

Author(s)- Vikas Srivastava et al.,doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030017

18. Experimental study to evaluate short-term deflections for two-way RC slabs

pp 892- 904 Code: EIJCSE3075

Author(s)- Manish Varma et al.,doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030018

19. Shear stress distribution of flat-plate using Finite Element Analysis

pp 905- 914 Code: EIJCSE3076

Author(s)- Viswanathan T.S et al.,doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030019

20. Review of Shape Memory Alloys applications in civil structures, and analysis for its potential as reinforcement in concrete flexural members

pp 915- 933 Code: EIJCSE3077

Author(s)- Debbarma.S.R, Saha.S doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030020

21. Structural evaluation of FRP Pultruded Sections in overhead transmission line Towers

pp 934- 940 Code: EIJCSE3078

Author(s)- Selvaraj.M et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030021

22. Efficiency and performances of finite difference schemes in the solution of saint Venant’s equation

pp 941- 949 Code: EIJCSE3079

Author(s)- Kalita H.M, Sarma A.K doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030022

23. Damage identification in beams using discrete wavelet transforms

pp 950- 969 Code: EIJCSE3080

Author(s)- Sivasubramanian.K, Umesha.P.K doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030023

24. Analysis of tall building for across wind response

pp 970- 977 Code: EIJCSE3081

Author(s)- Arvind Y. Vyavahare et al., doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030024

25. A harmonic vibration, output only and time-frequency representation based method for damage detection in Concrete piers of complex bridges

pp 978- 993 Code: EIJCSE3082

Author(s)- Hamid Reza Ahmadi, Farhad Daneshjoo doi:10.6088/ijcser.00202030025

Recent articles- IJAER

Use of image to secure text message with the help of LSB replacement
Author(s)– Saurabh Singh, Gaurav Agarwal

As the communication increases day by day the value for security over network also increases. There are many ways to hide information or transmission of information secretly. In this sense steganography is the best part of sending information secretly. This is the art of writing message or information in such a way that no one apart suitable recipient knows the meaning of the message or information. As there are many techniques to perform steganography on electronic media, most notably audio and image files. The out come of this paper is to generate a cross-platform that can effectively hide a message inside a digital image file. An image is the combination of several pixels and each pixel has three color numbers and an image consist of millions of numbers. So the change in few color numbers resulting the picture which would probably look a lot likes the original image. In this paper we are presenting the technique which works by changing a few pixel color value; we will use selected pixel value to represent characters instead of a color value. Obviously the resulting image will still look mostly like the original except that a few points seem little out of place if we look very closely.

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