Preferred Plagiarism checker – PLAGRAMME – A free to use potential tool

Dear Authors,


This post is written after a long back but we are sure our authors are always with us, supporting us.

We are writing this post to describe about a perennial issue that is affecting the publishing industry known as plagiarism, not only our journals, but even top journals are affected by this issue. Our editorial members had a discussion and found that the major reason behind the plagiarism is lack of awareness among the authors about the perils of plagiarism, there are number of outlets where one can get details about plagiarism, one of which is This website not only provides authenticated data and information related to plagiarism but also create awareness among the general public about the ill effects of plagiarism. All our authors are informed to check the details provided in this website before preparing a potential paper to avoid any issues that may arise due to plagiarism in later stage.

We insist our authors to utilize many free to use services of plagiarism checker tools that are available in the internet, one of which we prefer is PLAGRAMME, which is an useful and potential tool used by many researchers and academia across the globe. This tool is tested by our editorial board members and found to be more effective in finding academic plagiarism in the submitted articles, we wish our authors could use this tool ( its free for academia working in institutions) and submit articles that are free from plagiarized content.

Editorial Board,

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