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Recent Articles-IJCSER

Moment-Curvature Characteristics of ordinary grade Fly Ash Concrete beams
Author(s) – Dakshina Murthy, Sudheer Reddy

The characteristic equations of the stress-strain curve for fly ash concrete (ordinary grade – M30Grade) are used to study the M-Ø characteristics of beam sections. The theoretical procedure has been validated by conducting an experimental investigation on under reinforced fly ash concrete beams. The correlation between experimental and analytical values of moments and curvatures arrived at based on the above procedure is found to be good. The cement was replaced by10, 20, 30 and 40% fly ash obtained from near   by thermal power station.

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Recent Articles-IJAER

Micro Mechanical Measurement of Concrete Strain to Evaluate Principle Strain Distribution in Steel Fiber  Reinforced Cement Concrete  Moderate Deep Beams across it’s width and depths
Author(s)– Vinu R. Patel , I. I. Pandya

This paper investigates the distribution of principal strain by micro mechanical measurement of concrete axial strain in Steel Fiber Reinforced Cement Concrete moderate deep beams across its width and depths for various span-to-depth ratios. A complete shear deformational behavior along with load-deflection response, crack patterns and modes of failure was studied experimentally. Sixteen beams were tested and results of principal strain were plotted. Nature of principle tensile strain distribution was found similar to elliptical pattern of distribution along the line joining the load and the support point. The assumption of plane stress condition underestimates the significance of the small compressive or tensile stresses develop in the transverse direction from incompatible response of consecutive concrete elements subjected to different states of stress. Therefore, it was considered that the modes of shear failure are associated with multi-axial stress conditions exist in the region of the paths along which the compressive forces are transmitted to the supports.

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