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Estimation of above ground biomass in Indian tropical forested area using multi-frequency DLR-ESAR data

Author(s) – Vyjayanthi Nizalapur, Chandra Sekhar Jha and Rangaswamy Madugundu


This paper presents experimental results obtained with DLR-ESAR airborne data in C, L and P-bands over the parts of Gujarat, India. The aim is to estimate the above ground biomass and quantify various levels of above ground forest biomass with the help of empirical relationship of the backscattering coefficients and ground inventory. Extensive field data were collected to characterize forest vegetation parameters in the plots. Ground inventory data viz., GBH, tree height was collected. Plot level above ground tree biomass (AGB) is estimated from the collected ground data using the existing allometric equations at stand level in the study area. Regression analysis is carried out between above ground biomass and backscatter coefficient of C, L and P- bands in VV polarization. The obtained regression equation was used to estimate the above ground biomass from ESAR data in C, L and P- bands. Results showed that with increase in the biomass levels, backscattering coefficient also increases and C-band ESAR data is capable of predicting biomass up to 70 Mg/ha, L-band upto 150 Mg/ha and P-band upto 200 Mg/ha. Comparison of the estimated above ground biomass of airborne microwave DLR-ESAR data in C, L and P-bands was also carried out.

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Backlogging of articles

Dear Authors,


Indeed it is our pleasure to inform you that owing to the promotions our association members are doing, our journals are receiving more number of high quality research articles from Indian and foreign researchers.

Being a peer reviewed journal all the articles were being  sent to review and the review report is received, based on which a decision is being taken to publish the article or not. Our normal committed duration for this process is not more than 30 days but for the past two weeks we are unable to publish few articles.

As of now owing to the receipt of more than 90 articles we had to agree that we are backlogging, we also regret for the same. Being a small association of academia working with various organizations we are bound to perform our personal works also. We apologize sincerely for the delay in the articles getting published, the same is duly notified to the concerned authors.

We are writing this blog post  to inform our authors that we are overhelmed with the support you all are rendering, we hope to get more citations in the coming year because of the high quality of articles published at our journals. We also inform you that we are taking all necessary steps to publish the articles received in priority. All the articles listed in the blog with acceptance status ( rejected articles were duly informed to the concerned authors) will be published within next 15 days.

Since we had never expected this many number of articles in a shorter duration of just one month after launching, this delay is caused. But now we had established a team of editors and reviewers which will enable us  to publish the articles which are cleared by the reviewers within short duration, our overall publishing time will be reduced to less than 30 days in any case.

Again we would like to thank all the authors, reviewers, editors who made this  happen within shorter duration of time, hope with you all we will convert ourself into one of the best journal system. The quality of the journal directly depends on the support its author rendering to the journal, we hope to get the same response in the forthcoming months also.

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