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Effect of Compression ratio, Injection Timing and Injection Pressure on a DI Diesel engine for better performance and emission fueled with diesel -diesel biodiesel blends
Author(s)– Venkatraman.M, Devaradjane.G

In the present investigation test were carried out to examine the performance, combustion analysis and emissions of a direct injection diesel engine coupled with electrical dynamometer fueled with diesel and pungam methyl ester and their blends (PME10, PME20 and PME30).From the investigation it is found that the combined increase of compression ratio, injection timing and injection pressure increases the BTHE and reduces BSFC while having lower emissions for PME20. For small sized direct injection constant speed engines used for agricultural applications (4.4 kW), the optimum combination was found as CR of 19:1 with IP of 240 bar and injection timing 27°bTDC.The heat release rate are reduced Methyl ester of Pungam oil blended fuel PME20 compared to diesel. The harmful pollutants such as HC, CO, are reduced in the pungam oil esters compared to diesel fuel.

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Studies on Di -Diesel Engine Fueled With Rice Bran Methyl Ester Injection and Ethanol Carburetion
Author(s)– Rambabu Kantipudi

The present research trend is to reduce the exhaust emissions from engines to suit the norms set by Euro/ Bharat Pollution boards. Replacement by renewable alternative fuels is simultaneous attempt to replce diesel fuel in view of possible depletion of petroleum reserves. Our context is to utilize biodiesel ( Rice bran methyl ester) as a total replacement to Petrol- Diesel. It is proved that biodiesel reduces the engine emissiong but for the NOx which is emitted more than that when neat diesel fuel is implemented. This is the main reason to turn our attention to dual fuel operatio with ethanol fuel. In this work instead of heated air with the carburetion technique as attempted by the predecessors, on line heating of the fuel ethanol before its being cargureted at the suction end is tried with the view that the volumetric efficiency of the engine doesn’t suffer. Betterment in the engine performance and exhaust emission is observed at retrofit engine aimed at total diesel replacement is achieved with several benefits.

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