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Membership fee intimation

Dear authors,


It is our pleasure to inform you all that with our efforts, time spend by our editors, reviewers and supporters the backlogging of articles is slowly reducing and we are back into track. Almost three journals have no backlogged article, all the articles which are informed to the authors had been published as of now. There are some backlogging in the Journal of Environmental Sciences ( IJES) which will be cleared in this week.

Owing to the rapid growth of our site we are in need of heavy financing in terms of membership support and also in other forms to promote and facilitate the site in various forms. As you all know we had added a payment gateway at our site which will enable our authors to pay by using their credit cards. Inspite of our reminders we are receiving very low membership fee and the turn over which may be required to run the journals were never met, we solicit all authors support in this regard.

Authors who are paying the membership fee as cash deposit or net transfer or by card are informed to send a mail to editorial@ipublishing.co.in informing their date of payment, amount paid, from which bank its transferred and the payee name with their concerned article title. We are facing some difficulty in identifying the cash deposits since they show only as cash deposit without any name. This creates issue while acknowledging the author about his/ her payment.

Hence we request all our supporters to shoot a mail with the requested data once the payment is done.

We hope that with all your support we will grow manifold, our responsibilities are growing steadily we will soon bring in new talents to take care of the journal.

Meanwhile authors, supporters of our journals are requested to go through the site and give us their valuable feedback to give a better service to research fraternity.


Paypal processing added

Dear Authors,

After adding the credit card processor 2checkout.com we found that there may be a need for some users to use paypal which is one of the most opted online payment processor. Paypal is becoming industry standard of all web masters, it is widely used in many countries for many sites. It is rapidly growing owing to its versatile payment options, security and other features, we had made an attempt to use paypal also as a payment processor for our site in addition to the 2Checkout.com.

Now the membership page will give the choice of authors to pay via many modes, it is left to the choice of author to select a viable and suitable option to pay our membership fee.

Hope to grow more and serve well.

We request you to write to us with your feedback about the payment processors to editorial mail id


Editor in Chief