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The Background of Entrepreneurs: A survey
Author(s)- Patnaik.B.C.M, Prakash Kumar Pradhan


The present study is an attempt to know whether there is any relationship exists between the education of the male entrepreneur and the nature of enterprise promoted, occupational back ground of male entrepreneurs and the nature of enterprise promoted and among the educational and occupational background of male entrepreneurs and nature of enterprise promoted, when all taken together. Researchers observed and found in most of the cases educational background are not directly linked with the promotion of units. Therefore, it gives low correlation among the three constituents taken together. Even though there is high relationship between the occupational background and nature of units promoted. Study shows experience has more bearing than educational qualification of the male entrepreneurs on choice of an industrial area. Entrepreneurs under study undertook the units in which they have very good work experience, even though they had educational specialization in other industrial areas. For the purpose of confidentiality the name of entrepreneurs has not been disclosed.  Educational qualification of male entrepreneurs in rural area and nature of enterprise involved. Occupational background of the male entrepreneurs in rural area and nature of enterprise initiated and among the educational qualification, occupational background and nature of enterprises initiated, all taken together.With reference to the selection of the research universe the state of Odisha has been selected with specifications to the compulsions of the geographical territory, linguistic boundary, and administrative settlement commonness.  Odisha is an Eastern Indian state, the state boundaries are on the Bay of Bengal Sea. South- Andhra Pradesh, West –Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, North- West Bengal having a total area of 1,55,707 Square Kilometers with total population of 36,706,920 ( as per Indian census survey-2001) , population density 236 per Square Kilometers, Sex Ratio 972 literacy rate of 63.61%. The state is comprising of 30 districts (Administrative Divisions) and 58 Sub-Divisions. In our study we found that the entrepreneurs of the technical education background 50% having no relation and rest are indirect relationship. In case of professional qualification and nature of business initiated 75% having no relation, for the post graduates only 10% having direct relation, for graduates only 14.29% having direct relation , for undergraduates only 9.09% having direct relation, for government service holders 25% having indirect relationship and for the business executives only 15% having direct relationship.  Similarly, in case of agriculture and related activities only 19.05% having direct relationship with the nature of business initiated.

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