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Variation of fluoride and correlation with alkalinity in groundwater of shallow and deep aquifers
Author(s) – Navneet Kumar


Fluoride in water is an essential element for human beings and its deficiency as well as high concentration both is injurious to human health. It is required for the protection against dental caries and weakening of bones. Groundwater in shallow aquifers that supply water to dugwells in and around Dhampur, Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, has higher concentrations of fluoride (F) than those of borewells from deep aquifers. Factors for variation in fluoride content between the two aquifer water types are discussed. The relative merits of the shallow water for potability are pointed out with respect to fluoride concentrations and public health. Fluoride occurs in almost all natural water supplies. Fluorides in high concentrations are not a common constituent of surface water, but they may occur in deterimental concentrations in ground waters.

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