VOLUME 6 NO 5 – 2016 – March 2016


1. Floristic similarity between the forest ecosystem types of Bengoh Catchment in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia

Code: EIJES6054 Author(s)Les Met et al View Details

2.Integrated growth potential of Chlorella pyrenoidosa using hostel mess wastewater and its biochemical analysis

Code: EIJES6055 Author(s)Krishna Kumar Jaiswal, Arun Prasath. R View Details

3.Use of Solar power in telecom tower to reduce environmental pollution

Code: EIJES6056 Author(s) Madhu Kumari View Details

4.Recent analytical study of affluent-petrochemicals on the environment and plausible effects of such chemicals on the human health around newly established oil refinery, Bina, Sagar district, M.P., INDIA.

Code: EIJES6057 Author(s)Garima Modi and R.K.Trivedi View Details

5.Physicochemical study of paper mill effluent: To asses’ pollutant release to environment

Code: EIJES6058 Author(s)Surabhi Yadav, Nidhi Yada View Details

6.Use of Solar power in telecom tower to reduce environmental pollution

Code: EIJES6059 Author(s)Madhu Kumari View Details

7.Normalised difference water index based water surface area delineation and assessmen

Code: EIJES6060 Author(s)Mohit Singh, S.N.Mohapatra and Monika Sharma View Details

8.Degradation of low molecular weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by microorganisms isolated from contaminated soil

Code: EIJES6061 Author(s)Haritash A. K , C. P. Kaushik View Details

9.Evaluation of heavy metals in surface water of major rivers in Penang, Malaysia

Code: EIJES6062 Author(s)Alsaffar M. S,  Suhaimi Jaafar M., Ahmad Kabir N. View Details

10.Isolation and characterization of heavy-metal resistant microbes from Industrial soil

Code: EIJES6063 Author(s)R. A. Ansari, A. A. Qureshi & D. S. Ramteke View Details

11.Prediction of dust dispersion during drilling operation in open cast coal mines: A multi regression model

Code: EIJES6064 Author(s)Nagesha K.V , Sastry V.R. , Ram Chanda K. r View Details

12.Isolation, Characterization and Growth Studies of Malathion Insecticide Degrading Bacteria

Code: EIJES6065 Author(s)Baishya Karishma, Sarma Hari Prasad View Details

13.Purification of ambient air by performing Somyag Yajnya

Code: EIJES6066 Author(s)Pranay Abhang , Girish Pathade View Details

14.Zooplankton diversity and seasonal variation of Majalgaon Reservoir, Maharashtra State, India

Code: EIJES6067 Author(s)Rajkumar T. Pawar View Details

15.A Study towards the evaluation of leaching behavior of zineb fungicide

Code: EIJES6068 Author(s)Sharma D. K, Atul Gupta, Sanjay Kumar View Details

16.Effect of pH on Cu (II) removal from water using Adenanthera pavonina seeds as adsorbent

Code: EIJES6069 Author(s)Bahnika Sen, Sarma H.P, Bhattacharyya K.G View Details

17.Vertical sequences of Lithofacies in point bar and natural levee deposits, Tons River, Allahabad, U.P., India

Code: EIJES6070 Author(s)Das S.S. View Details

18.Kansei Engineering and environmental design

Code: EIJES6071 Author(s)Nasser Koleini Mamaghani, Sara Mostowfi View Details

19.Exploring the potential of Catharanthus roseus, Ricinus communis, Carrica papaya and Annona squammosa used as biopesticides

Code: EIJES6072 Author(s)Ginni Kumawat, Nidhi Gaur, Romila Karnawat, I. K. Sharma, P. S. Verma View Details

20.Vertical sequences of Lithofacies in point bar and natural levee deposits, Tons River, Allahabad, U.P., India

Code: EIJES6073 Author(s)Gunaselvi Manohar, Chandiran P, Suryaprakasa Rao K, Dilli Babu R View Details

21.Energy saving in nano pulsed dc electrolysis for hydrogen production

Code: EIJES6074 Author(s)Harirama Dharmaraj C, Annadurai G View Details

22.Degradation of low molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by microorganisms isolated from contaminated soil

Code: EIJES6075 Author(s)Haritash A.K, Kaushik C.P View Details

23.Examining environmental education and awareness among girls in higher secondary schools: A case study of Jhansi city, U.P., India

Code: EIJES6076 Author(s)Vinit Kumar, Krishna Kumar Yadav, Neha Gupta, Neerja Gautam and Sanjay Kumar Vishwakarma View Details

24.Hydrologic design of rain water harvesting system at Anna University, Chennai

Code: EIJES6077 Author(s)Krishnaveni M Vignesh Rajkumar L View Details

25.Reinvestigating the Chipko movement of 1973

Code: EIJES6078 Author(s)Malvika Poonia View Details

26.Effect of water probiotic (Pro-W) on Litopenaeus vannamei culture ponds of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

Code: EIJES6079 Author(s)Nitya Jeevan Kumar P, Srideepu K, Hanuma Reddy M., Siva Reddy K.V View Details

27.Selection of organic source as a substitute for phosphorus and sulphur and the best combination of poultry manure and single super phosphate combination in relation to groundnut yield

Code: EIJES6080 Author(s)Premanandarajah P, Shanika W View Details

28.Zooplankton diversity and seasonal variation of Majalgaon reservoir, Maharashtra state, India

Code: EIJES6081 Author(s)Rajkumar T. Pawar View Details

29.Assessment and substantiation of ground water quality to ascertain WQI in some selected areas of north east coast of Srikakulam district, A.P., India

Code: EIJES6082 Author(s)Ramamohan H, Sudhakar I, Suresh Patnaik P Udayasree A View Details

30.Assessment of groundwater quality in and around Thiruvallur district, Tamilnadu

Code: EIJES6083 Author(s)Shanthi N, Elamvaluthi M, Kotteswari M and Murugesan S View Details

31.Effect of wastewater irrigation on soil and some selected vegetables grown in Asansol, West Bengal

Code: EIJES6084 Author(s)Sumanta Roy, Srimanta Gupta View Details

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