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Effect of shear wall panels on the dynamic response of a silo
Author(s)– Sivabala.P,Elangovan.G, Kameshwari. B

In any industrial or organised storage complex, structures for the storage of bulk solids are important. These containers are usually called bins, bunkers, silos or tanks. There is no generally accepted definition for each of these terms. The essential difference between bunkers and silos lies in the ratio of their dimensions. Silos are in general structures whose height is large compared to the lateral dimensions. Materials like grains and cement ate usually stored in silos. In cement factories as well as in large construction projects, cement is stored in large silos. In the present work, dynamic analysis of a typical silo is done. During the dynamic analysis, the effect of extra plates between the supporting columns is evaluated by analysing the structure with and without the extra plates between the supporting columns. After the analysis, significant change in the frequency and mode shape of the structure is noticed. The increase in the stability of the structure to dynamic loading in the presence of extra plates between supporting columns is also evident.        

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