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Evaluation of the effect of legislation on wildlife conservation: A case study of Kainji lake National park, Kainji, Niger State, Nigeria
Author(s)- Idowu O.S, Halidu S.K, Odebiyi A.R


This study is conducted on the evaluation of the effect of conservation on wildlife offences in Kainji Lake National Park, Niger State was carried out in a period of four years since 2005-2009. Both primary and secondary collected data were analyzed and the results revealed that illegal grazing was the highest offence, recording 56.8%. Also, 15.5% were acquitted and 84.9% convicted and 16.1% went to jail and as high as 68.8% were able to pay fine during the period. Majority of the nights guards claimed that allowances were not paid and that staff were not accommodated properly and this has reduced the level of performance to their duties.

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