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Experimental Studies on analysis of rain water to predict air polluted zone / Unpolluted Zone
Author(s)-  Amrut G.Gaddamwar


Now a day’s pollution increases day by day due to industrialization, population explosion, deforestation, and vehicular exhaust & by using fossils fuels which contains nitrogen, Sulphur, carbon. Out of these three N2, S does not under goes complete combustion which evolved in to atmosphere so the concentration of oxides of nitrogen, oxide of sulphur increases in atmosphere which cause pollution. Due to pollution climate changes, Global warming and Depletion of ozone takes place. Due to global warming if the temperature of earth increases by one degree then water level in the sea will increase by fifty centimeters which causes adverse effects on human beings. The countries like Netherland, Bangladesh, Maldives, shanghai in china, Mumbai and Goa in India will submerge under the sea water. Due to global warming the rate of evaporation of water from the seas, rivers, ponds will increases and this leads to untimely rains cyclones and hurricanes. Agriculture sector will be badly affected. Due to fast evaporation of surface water   there will be a shortage of water for agriculture purposes. A slight increase in the global temperature adversely affects the world food production. Due to acid rain toxic effect to fresh aquatic life, damage to plants leaves, change in rate of photosynthesis in the plants and it also extensive damage to historical structural building, the PH of the soil changes which affect its fertility therefore it is necessary to control pollution and to control the pollution it is necessary to know whether observation zone is polluted or not. In the present work Author proved weather observed zone is polluted or not by simple analysis of rain water by using PH-meter and conductivity meter TDS-Meter by the measurement of PH, Conductivity, TDS of rain water   we can predict weather studied zone is polluted or not.

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