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Study the relation of Customer Service and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Author(s)- Seyed Mohammad Sadeq Khaksar et al.,


Competition in a world, that quality of products getting closer to each other every day is based on the quality of the customer service. Nowadays, customer service can be considered as an innate element of industrial products. Therefore, many huge companies including car manufacturers also utilized it as an entrepreneurial opportunity for more profitability. On this basis, this article has tried to study the effect of customer service on entrepreneurial opportunity (based on the market and products). Present study is practical, descriptive and is of correlative type. Hence, hypothesis of the study will be analyzed using path analysis test in structural equation model, regression test, ANOVA, and with the help of LESREL 8.5 and SPSS 16 software. The population sample of the study is all of the Samand  car owners in Tehran which have bought their cars in 2009. Results of the study show that customer service of Iran-Khodro Company is effective on entrepreneurial opportunities based on the market. Therefore, market development and cost leadership strategies (dimensions of entrepreneurial opportunity based on the market) can be utilized as entrepreneurial opportunity.

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