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Prediction of Joint Shear Strength of Concrete Beam-Column Joints Reinforced Internally with FRP Reinforcements
Author(s)– Saravanan Jagadeesan, Kumaran G

This experimental study primarily focuses on the joint shear strength of full scale size exterior concrete beam-column joint reinforced internally with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) reinforcements under monotonically increasing load on beams keeping constant load on columns. Four series of joints and totally eighteen numbers of such specimens are cast and tested for different parametric conditions like beam longitudinal reinforcement ratio, concrete strength, column reinforcement ratio, joint aspect ratio and influence of the joint stirrups at the joint.   Also finite element modelling and analysis of GFRP reinforced concrete beam-column joints are performed to simulate the behaviour of the beam-column joints under various parametric conditions.   Based on this study, a modified design equation is proposed for predicting the joint shear strength of the GFRP reinforced beam-column specimens based on the experimental results and the review of the prevailing design equations.

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