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Bridging the Gaps:  An E-waste management and recycling assessment of material recycling facilities in Selangor and Penang
Author(s)- John Babington C, Chamhuri Siwar, Ahmad Fariz  M, Rawshan Ara B


The uses of electronic and electrical devices have relatively increased with rapid increases in economic and technological development over some period of time in Malaysia. There is needs for Malaysia to apply “3R” principles of reduce, reuse and recycle for efficient control and management of material circle of electronic and electrical equipments (EEE). This paper tends to highlight, the e-waste recycling practice within the material recovery facilities (MRF) studied in Selangor and Penang, the guidelines overseeing the e-waste recycling activities, stakeholders and future plans for e-waste management in Malaysia. A total of 25 questionnaires were sent to MRF through email, fax and personal delivery and a questionnaire with personal discussion held with the department of environment (DOE) Malaysia. The result shows that e-waste recycling in Malaysia is still at infancy as there are no sophisticated technologies to carry out complete recycling process in a MRF, lack of specific regulation on e-waste, poor e-waste collection from households at the same time help us to understand various activities going on within the MRF studied. The findings from this study will help the waste management authorities in bridging the gaps that militate against proper e-waste management in Malaysia.

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